Challenge list

Triangle IV
Halloween VII (ARCHIVAL)
Photoshop Terms III
Road II
Spring or Fall II (ARCHIVAL)
Free Study 2020-10
Epic Fail
Tubes/Rods/Cylinders (ARCHIVAL)
Visual Puns III
Well, Dang! (ARCHIVAL)
Black & White VIII
Centered and Ugly
Extended Free Study 2020-09
Abstract in Color II (ARCHIVAL)
Clean (and/or) Dirty
No-Sky Landscape III
Famous Paintings (ARCHIVAL)
Transportation IV
Lens Effect II
Free Study 2020-09
Landscape With People (ARCHIVAL)
Fake Stuff
Flip 'n Blend Abstract III
Sunrise or Sunset III (ARCHIVAL)
Windows (the glass kind) III
Crossing the Line
Extended Free Study 2020-08
Flour Power
Complementary Colors VI
Colors and Shapes (ARCHIVAL)
Beloved, At Least By Me
Perspective Compression II (ARCHIVAL)
Free Study 2020-08
Break, Breaking, Broken
Dead Flora II
Liquid III
Corners II
People Sitting
Extended Free Study 2020-07
Pareidolia III
Upside Down VI
Abstract: Black and White V
It's All About the Light (ARCHIVAL)
Crop it Tight III
Free Study 2020-07
Candy IV
National Parks III (Archival)
Norman Rockwell III
Painterly Scene II (ARCHIVAL)
Show Us Your Morning II
What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?
Extended Free Study 2020-06
Landscape Layering III (ARCHIVAL)
Independence IV
Beauty in Overwhelming Numbers II
100 Years Old III (ARCHIVAL)
In the Style of Streetpigeon
Panning the Camera
Fog & Mist (ARCHIVAL)
Free Study 2020-06
Sign of the Times
Car/Automobile III (ARCHIVAL)
Outside the Box Still Life
Take 5
Postcard IV (Archival)
Darkness in Color
Extended Free Study 2020-05
Fences VI
Board Games
Glass VI
Free Study 2020-05
Landscape in Portrait Orientation III
Crayons & Colored Pencils II
Cooking Tool(s)
Natural Light Portrait III
Composite II (ARCHIVAL)
A Pop of Red
Extended Free Study 2020-04
City/Town/Village/Hamlet/scape (ARCHIVAL)
Black & White VII
Pinhole Image
Still Life with Pure Sadness
Crowdscape (ARCHIVAL)
Hobby (other than photography)
Free Study 2020-04
Off-Centered Subject V
Reflections II (ARCHIVAL)
Toy Photography
Make a Flower
Colorful II
Extended Free Study 2020-03
A Country Not My Own (Archival) ..
What's on YOUR Wall(s)?
Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa?
Animals (No Birds, No Bugs) ARCHIVAL
Exiled in Pandemia
Free Study 2020-03
Mucking About with Boats II (ARCHIVAL)
Wash Your Hands & Elbow Your Cough! Poster
Friday the 13th III
Non-Ribboner's Landscape/Seascape/Cityscape
Magazine Cover IV
Image Grain VIII
Make it Square II
Extended Free Study 2020-02
Hidden Gem 3,000 (Archival)
Macro XI
Deface a street sign
Killing Time
Deuces Wild
Black on Black IV
Free Study 2020-02
Funny. Absurd. Silly. Entertaining. (Archival)
Lovers' Portrait
The Imagery of T.S.Eliot
Extended Free Study 2020-01
Best of 2019 (Extended)
Silhouettes IX
What's Old Is New Again
Free Study 2020-01
Blue VII
Best of 2019
Abandoned VI
Before and After Portrait
Churches IV
Art of 2019: a Retrospective
Extended Free Study 2019-12
Things in a Basket
Animal Homes
New Year's Resolution XII
Holiday Cheer II
Black & White Landscape V
Free Study 2019-12
Patterns in Nature
Trees VIII
Family VI
Human Body Macro (No Eyes)
Male Portrait III
Shoes Required
Low Contrast III
What Makes Me Happy II
Extended Free Study 2019-11
Leading Lines IX
Balance III
The Egg III
Where'd They Go?
Free Study 2019-11
HOT and/or COLD
Natural Numbers II
Holiday Cards IV
Still Life VII
In the Style of Margaret Bourke-White
Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes
Extended Free Study 2019-10
Wabi Sabi II
Black and White Portrait IV
Fear II
Foliage V
From Above VI
Free Study 2019-10
Urban Landscapes VI
48 Steps
Hotel/Motel/Inn Exteriors
Clouds Only
Let's Get Physical
Grace Slick's White Rabbit (ARCHIVAL)
Vintage & Veteran Vehicles (RIP Robin)
Extended Free Study 2019-09
Color Portrait V
Abstract: Black and White IV
Film Noir III
Brown II
Rocks, Stones, Pebbles III (Archival)
Separation II
Free Study 2019-09
As Seen at the Museum
Square Crop VI
Robert Frank: A Homage
Round II
Human Faces from/in the Non-Human
The Neighborhood
Aftermath II
Extended Free Study 2019-08
Balancing Flash Outdoors
Five & Yellow
Parts II
240 Pixels
Landscape VIII
Free Study 2019-08
Boats IV
Book Cover II
Rat's-Eye Perspective
Body Language
Hand Made
Puddles, Ponds, or Streams
Self Portrait in Minimal
Extended Free Study 2019-07
Low Key VI
Bizarrechitecture III
Minimalist Landscape IV
Bovine III (Archival)
Bridges VI
Candid X
Free Study 2019-07
Shortcuts (Archival)
Georgia O'Keeffe/Alfred Stieglitz: an Homage
Recipe (Food or Beverage) III
Rusted III
Rule of Thirds VIII
Improper White Balance II
Fictional Characters (Archival)
Wide Open Spaces II
Extended Free Study 2019-06
Getting to Know You
Light & Dark
Portrait of the Elderly II
A Touch of Yellow
This Sporting Life
A Day at the Beach
Free Study 2019-06
Historical Buildings
Potholes, Detours, Obstructions
From A Distance II
Long Exposure VIII
A Bug's Life: Insects, Bugs, Beetles IV
Pet Panoramas
Extended Free Study 2019-05
Light IV
SURREAL (Archival Challenge)
Blur II
People in the Street
Outdoor Portrait
Free Study 2019-05
Camera Phone Free Study IV
Where's Waldo? VII
Flowers V
Baby Animals V
In the style of James Ravilious
Landscape / Cityscape / Waterscape
Extended Free Study 2019-04
The Smile III
Birds IV
High Contrast VII
Windows (the glass kind) II
Duct Tape
Free Study 2019-04
The Springing of the Year (Archival)
High Key IV
You Name It III
Photographing Photographers II
Green Portrait
Extended Free Study 2019-03
Perspective Compression
Motivational/Demotivational Poster II
Black & White VI
Were You Fooled?
Free Study 2019-03
On the Road II
Abandoned Buildings V
Snapshot III
Macro Without Bugs or Flowers V
Fish II
In the style of Uta Barth
Extended Free Study 2019-02
Into or Out Of the Frame II
Headshot from Behind
Free Study 2019-02
In Like a Lion
Winter Landscape II (Archival)
Best of 2018
Learn Something
Extended Free Study 2019-01
Edward Gorey
Boxy Composition
Off with their Head III
C is for _______
Wings II
101 Meters
Free Study 2019-01
The Handshake
Beer or Soft Drink Advertisement III
Art of 2018 II
Black and White Still Life III
Total Eclipse of the Moon
Lucky 7 VII
S-Curve V
Art of 2018: a Retrospective
Extended Free Study 2018-12
Something Different for the New Year
Filmic II (Archival)
On Two Wheels: The Terror or the Joy
Joy to the World!
Something Simple, Short, or Sweet
Trains & Railroads IV
Free Study 2018-12
New Years Resolution X
All I want for Christmas is...
Out of Balance II
Self Portrait Without Faces
Extended Free Study 2018-11
Closed II
Non-Landscape HDR
Soft Focus V
Coffee Shop II
Man's Best Friend
Free Study 2018-11
Black & White Landscape IV
Random Acts of Kindness
Edges II
Color Portrait IV
Monsters, Monstrosities, & Misfits
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Abstract: Black and White III
Extended Free Study 2018-10
The Grateful Dead
Alfred Hitchcock
Minimalism IV : the Minimal Version
National Parks II (Archival)
In the Spirit of Charles Addams
Free Study 2018-10
Shadows IX
Political Campaign Posters
Base of a Tree
Foliage IV
Automotive Detail III
Fat Pillow Thin Pillow
Extended Free Study 2018-09
The Hidden Meaning of Shoes
Green V
Religion III
Pathways II
Centered Composition VI (Archival)
Free Study 2018-09
Global Warming
Weekend III
Diptych - same scene, different focal lengths
Looking Up From Underneath
A Vegetable Bestiary (DPL4 Final Challenge)
Extended Free Study 2018-08
Golden Ratio III (DPL4 WK7)
Bread II
Abandoned V
Plants in B/W
The Nature of Time
Free Study 2018-08
Light Streaks
Single Light Source Portrait (DPL4 WK6)
Landscape Layering II (DPL4 WK6)
Perseid Meteor Shower
Smoke IV
In the style of the 'Humanist Photographers'
Defining Moment
Extended Free Study 2018-07
Make Mine a Double !!!
nowhere, everywhere, nothing, everything
Bokeh X (DPL4 WK5)
Weather III (DPL4 WK5)
Panorama with People
Vanishing Point V (DPL4 WK4)
Free Study 2018-07
Colorful Objects (DPL4 WK4)
High Speed Capture
Kitchen Tools
Head Shot
Candid Camera
Bad Hair Day (DPL4 WK3)
Serpentine (DPL4 WK3)
Extended Free Study 2018-06
Contre-Jour VI (DPL4 WK2)
Town or City Scape II (DPL4 WK2)
Night Sky IV
Blue VI
Free Study 2018-06
Fly On The Wall
Hotel California
Late Night Boredom
My Left Foot II
DPL Album Cover II
Extended Free Study 2018-05
Atmospheric Perspective
Playgrounds II
Asymmetry II
Symmetry VI
Free Study 2018-05
Homophonic Pairs
The People Next Door II
Norman Rockwell II
Fake News
Bizarrechitecture II (ARCHIVAL)
Negative Space VIII
Bridges V
Extended Free Study 2018-04
Cats II
Blurred Human
I See Dead People
Sherpet Tribute II
Fitness II
Free Study 2018-04
Baby Animals IV (Archival)
Nude VII (Archival)
Tilt-Shift IV
Landscape Without Subject
Holy Places II
Color Slides — A Minimal Challenge
B Is For _______
Extended Free Study 2018-03
Abstract Nature II
Infinite II (Archival)
Motion Blur VII
Fool the Viewer III
A Tribute to Stephen Hawking
Fill the Frame VI
Free Study 2018-03
Poem II
Emptiness II (Archival)
Landmarks III
Mug Shot II
Allegory II
Car/Automobile II
Out of Season
Extended Free Study 2018-02
Balance II
Unusual Point of View
Pushing the Envelope to Oblivion (Archival)
China On My Mind
DPChallenge User Portrait II
Free Study 2018-02
Unexpected Find II
Family V
So Bad It's Good
Weathered III (Archival Challenge)
Subject Out of Frame
Children's Toy VI
Extended Free Study 2018-01
Forensic Files
Art of 2017
Reflecting Reflections
Puzzle Macro VII
Triptych Time Lapse
Best of 2017
William Shakespeare II
Free Study 2018-01
Facial Fails! — An Archival Challenge
Darkness III
Make a NOISY Picture.
Your Sink (or Basin. Or Trough)
Architecture IX (Archival)
A Nod to Emmet Gowin
A Single Sheet of Paper
Extended Free Study 2017-12
Natural Light Portrait II
New Year's Resolution Fail
New Year's Resolution VIII 7658211
Abstract Black & White II
Winter Landscape
Free Study 2017-12
Tis the Season for Feasting!
Winged Things III
Subject in Another Room II
Suburbia II
Time Travel (Method)
Object Isolation by Contrast II
Extended Free Study 2017-11
Show us What You Love (or Hate)
Motion Panning V
Transportation III
Square Crop V
I Just Gotta be Me!
In the Marketplace
Primary Colors III
Free Study 2017-11
Coffee III
Macro X
Hello, I must be going! A Marx Brothers Challenge
Painting with Light VII
Politically Incorrect
Extended Free Study 2017-10
Black and White Portrait III
In The Style Of: David Muench
Icons of the Macabre
Rule of Thirds VII
Extravagant / Immoderate / Over the Top
Free Study 2017-10
Painterly Scenes
Sports VI
Abandoned IV
The Grass Is Always Greener
Tom Petty Titles/Lyrics
Bite Me
Extended Free Study 2017-09
Quiet II
Books II
Dada — The Art Movement
Free Study 2017-09
People at their Jobs
Shallow DOF VIII
A Part of A Thing
Weather II
Room Interiors
Rocks, Stones, Pebbles II
A Single Tree III
Extended Free Study 2017-08
Emotive Architecture II
Candid IX
Reflections without Mirrors VII
Beds & Sofas & Chairs
Fruits & Vegetables III
Free Study 2017-08
Lens Effects
Solar Eclipse 2017
Grown-Up Toys
Farm Animals
Show Us Your Morning
Science Fiction Novel Cover
Jimmy Buffet Song/Lyrics
Extended Free Study 2017-07
Original Artwork
Negative Image IV
Leading Lines VIII
Celebrating Magnum's 70th Birthday
Hidden Gem VI — Mid-Term Quiz
Tools II
Free Study 2017-07
Shapes VI
Hands II
Out of Character
Crop it TIGHT II
Mucking About with Boats
Extended Free Study 2017-06
Comic Book Page
Improper White Balance
Beauty in Overwhelming Numbers
Red VI
Planes, Trains & Automobiles III
Kitchen in B/W
Free Study 2017-06
Googly Eyes
Portrait From Behind II
Landscape: Show us the Light!
Dirty Abstract
Lucky 7 VI
Alter Ego Diptych
Extended Free Study 2017-05
A Second Chance
In the Style of Vincent Van Gogh
Flowers IV
The Crowd
Free Study 2017-05
Breaking the Rules
Night Sky III
Wildlife VII
The Secret Life of Food
Off Color
Crummy Weather
Spring or Fall
Window View III
Extended Free Study 2017-04
Cat People/Dog People
In The Style Of: Melethia
Sci-Fi Celebration II
Light & Architecture: the Joy of Structure
Free Study 2017-04
Graffiti II
Still Life VI
Good Grooming
Squats & Lifts
Wabi Sabi
Silhouettes VIII
Extended Free Study 2017-03
Show Us Some Teeth
What Makes Me Happy
What is this Pencil II
Pattern VI
slooF lirpA
Free Study 2017-03
Myths, Legends, and Fables
Defining Feature III
Peace II
St. Green Saves The Earth!
Over-Saturated & Over-Sharpened
Implied Lines II
Philias & Phobias
Extended Free Study 2017-02
Black and White Landscape III
Music IV
Battle of the Sexes II
As-Found Filter
Art in the Incidental
Soft Focus, High Key
Free Study 2017-02
Pink and/or Red
Minimalist Landscape III
Hearty Fun
Communication II
Camera Movement II
Extended Free Study 2017-01
Puzzle Macro VI
Lifestyle Portrait
Katie Melua Song Lyrics
Whatever the Weather
Burst of Color V
Supermarket Still Life
Best of 2016
Free Study 2017-01
Title Tale
Friday the 13th II
Juxtaposed II
Abstract Expressionism
If I Were an Animal
Art of 2016
First Impressions — Land-or-Cityscape, 2017
Extended Free Study 2016-12
The Eyes Have It! II
New Year's Resolution IX
Get Mechanical
Holiday Cheer
Snapshot II
Make it Square
Free Study 2016-12
Postage Stamp II
All is Calm, All is Bright
Trees VII
One Photo
Ugly to Lovely
Vanishing Point IV
Extended Free Study 2016-11
Pareidolia II
Tribute to Dorothea Lange
Life is a Dance
Free Study 2016-11
White & Blue
30 Seconds or More IV
Shoot the Moon
Hidden Gem V
Let's Get Minimal!
Low Contrast II
Extended Free Study 2016-10
Political Slogans
Doors, Gates, Knobs, Locks, Handles & Windows
Impressionism III
Portrait of a Single Human
A Photographic Tribute to Bob Dylan
Free Study 2016-10
From Above V
DPC Cinema III
Landmarks II
Distracting Elements II
The Yolk's on You!
Foliage III
Extended Free Study 2016-09
Fences V
Married, No Faces
Portrait: Life in a Miniature World
Purple V
Bovine II
Free Study 2016-09
Speed III
Fallen II
And The Winner Is...
Street photography — people with hats
Emotive Landscape
Where Sea Meets Shore
Tilt Shift III
People at Work
Extended Free Study 2016-08
Body of Water III
Shoot from the Hip
Hair II
Free Study 2016-08
From the Ground Up VII
National Parks
Urban Landscapes V
Olympian Metallics : Gold, Silver, Bronze
Double Exposure II
Abstract Street Photography
Reflections in Water with People
Extended Free Study 2016-07
Inspired by Victoriana
A Mess
Photographer Quotations
Winged Things II
Free Study 2016-07
Tilted V
When DPC Breaks
Film Noir II
Recipe (Food or Beverage) II
Churches III
The Three Faces of You
B/W Landscape II
Obscured II
Extended Free Study 2016-06
Pet Peeves
Lines & Circles
Perspective VIII
Painting With Light VI
Independence III
Magazine Cover III
Free Study 2016-06
The Moment Before
Mid-Year Checkup, 2016
Raking Light
No-Land Skyscape
Barns, Farms or Rural Countrysides II
Friends II
Extended Free Study 2016-05
We Have a Story to Tell II
No-Sky Landscape II
Inspired by Edouard Manet
Cool Colors III
Surreal And Dreamy
Waiting III
Free Study 2016-05
Goofy Faces
Town or City Scape
Glass V
Fine Arts: Exhibit IV
Faceless III
Shallow DOF VII
Cliche with an edge or twist.
Extended Free Study 2016-04
Square Crop IV
Canine POV
Channeling vawendy
High Key III
Free Study 2016-04
Tribute to Prince
William Shakespeare
Earth Day, 2016
Still LIfe with Shovel, Natural Light
The People Next Door
Contre-Jour V
Expert Free Study 2016-03
Surrealism III
Dutch Angle
Challenge Suggestions
April Foolishness
Wide Angle III
Technically Flawed
Image Grain VII
Free Study 2016-03
Tourist Guide
Ridiculously Disproportionate
Flora IV
Automotive Detail II
S-Curve IV
Expert Free Study 2016-02
Pencil II
In the Style of Cindy Sherman
Centered Composition V
Leap of Faith
Abstract in Color
Free Study 2016-02
Window Light
Light On White VII
Macro IX
Wide Open Spaces
Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey
Expert Free Study 2016-01
The Five Senses II
Truncated Signs
Break the Rules II
HDR in B/W
Free Study 2016-01
Brass, Copper, or Bronze
Atmospheric Phenomena
Rope II
Silhouettes VII
Abstract Landscape
Song Title/Lyrics: David Bowie
Panoramas Up Close
Best of 2015
Clouds III
Minimalism III
Art of 2015
World Enough and Time
Circle V
Home Sweet Home III
Free Study 2015-12
All is Calm
New Year's Resolution VIII
The Mail
Flip 'n Blend Abstract II
Crop it TIGHT!
Trees VI
Water V
Holiday Decorations III
Portrait Without Eyes
Architecture VIII
Abstract: Black and White II
Old Ways II
Free Study 2015-11
Phined the Phone
Self Portrait IX
Dairy III
Painterly Photo
Fall Foliage 2015
DIY Google Street View
Pet Portrait V
Texture Overlay
Halloween VI
Yellow VI
Free Study 2015-10
Historic Landmark -- The Old & The Beautified II
Book It! : the LevT Street Challenge
Landscape or Seascape
Environmental Portrait IV
Diagonal II
Good Vibes for Jan (Cutout)
Profile/Side View
Tools of the Trade: the Great Outdoors
Low Contrast
Free Study 2015-09
Bokeh IX
Surreal Still Life
Together, But Not the Same
Wear & Tear
Family IV
Fill the Frame V
Artificial Symmetry II
Self Portrait with Wheels
Still Life With Pairs
Human Hands
Free Study 2015-08
The End
Hidden Gem: DPL Season 3
Dirty, Filthy, Grubby Stuff
Morning III
Naturally Framed II
Construction III
Shopping Carts
The Golden Hour
Broken Glass
Silhouette At Night III
Free Study 2015-07
Summertime Meals III
Boats III
Youth Culture
Liquid II
Flowers (with a twist)
Side by Side
Portrait with Closed Eyes
Transparency IV
Canada Day
Thinking Outside the Box
Music III
Free Study 2015-06
Rule of Thirds VI
Puzzle Macro V
I am the Walrus
Pastels III
Blue V
Road Signs VI
Opposites II
In the Style of Mary Ellen Mark
Free Study 2015-05
Book Cover
Deja Vu V
Bridges IV
Landscape VII
Abstract In Green
Billy Joel Song Titles/Lyrics
Abandoned Buildings IV
Human Portrait, Head & Shoulders
The Eleventh Commandment
Procrastination II
Selective Desaturation III
Literalisms II
Sleeping Pets
Rain IV
Free Study 2015-04
Headlines II
Monuments II
Shutter Speed III
Toy Story II
Lawn II
Leading Lines VII
April Fools 2015
With the Philosophy of Ubique
Human Portrait (Minimal) II
Clips, Clamps & Connectors
Free Study 2015-03
High Contrast VI
Stock Photography III
The Four Elements IV
Street Photography In Black and White II
You Name It! II
Lens Flare II
Inspired by jjbeguin
Portrait of a Camera II
From Above IV
The Orton Effect
Dappled Light II
Games III
Free Study 2015-02
Your Digital Darkroom
How to Change a Light Bulb
Orange IV
Friday the 13th
Death III
Duotones VI
Art of 2014
Numbers III
Favorite Song
Opening Lines
Guess Your Score
Stopped Motion VII
Free Study 2015-01
Oil II
Square Crop III
Shoes III
Freedom of Expression
Negative Space VII
Best of 2014
Something Old IV
New Year's Resolution VII
Light III
Artificial Lighting II
Free Study 2014-12
Play II
Candid Portraits II
Break the Rules
Bubble Gum
In the Style of Peter Lik
Photograph Becomes a Painting II
Illuminative Subject II
Botany III
30 Seconds or More III
Christmas Is Coming
Ansel Adams IV
Holiday Cards III
Feast V
Free Study 2014-11
Happy Animals
Chairs II
In the Style of Andreas Gursky
Before And After Self Portrait
Inanimate Macro
Forced Perspective
Lucky 7 V
Camouflage II
Churches II
Simplicity II
C2K -- DPC's 2,000th Challenge
Upside Down V
Halloween V
Free Study 2014-10
Jewelry Advertisement II
Something New V
Umbrella III
Shallow DOF VI
In the Styl uv Grog
Red V
Candid VIII
In The Style Of: odriew
Decorate Baby Emilie's Nursery
Nursery Rhyme Character(s)
Free Study 2014-09
Camera Phone Free Study III
Organic Geometry
Water IV
Food In Black and White
Woody III
Right Angles III
Skyscape II
Propaganda Poster
Shadows VIII
Sailing to Byzantium
Abstract Macro V
Free Study 2014-08
Back To School IV
Time Capsule II
Balloon III
Framing VI
Surrealism II
Purple IV
160 Pixels
Vanishing Point III
Pattern V
One Becomes Two
Free Study 2014-07
Good II
Bad II
Baby Animals III
Reasons Why I Shouldn't Drink
Coffee II
Secondary Colors II
Black and White Still Life II
Abandoned III
Vintage III
Wind IV
Wheels III
4th of July Celebrations
Liquid In Motion
Contre-jour IV
Free Study 2014-06
Historic Landmark -- The Old & The Beautified
Silhouettes VI
Sunset or Sunrise II
Local Flavor
Shallow DOF Landscape
10 Second Exposure
Benches II
Piet Mondrian
Hidden Gem IV
Get Well Bear_Music
Free Study 2014-05
Macro VIII
Architecture VII
Flowers III
Flip'n'Blend Abstract
Update Your Avatar II
Winged Things
Late Night II
Symmetry V
Cinco de Mayo II
Symmetry Without Reflections
Abstract With People II
Beauty II
Free Study 2014-04
Main Street II
Black & White V
Windows (the glass kind)
Total Lunar Eclipse
The Awwwww Effect
Watches, Clocks, & Other Timepieces
Wildlife VI
Personified Smiles and Frowns II
April Fool
Pure Reflection
Stripes II
Subject in Another Room
Your Darker Side
Fences IV
Free Study 2014-03
No-Sky Landscape
Good News/Bad News
Clouds II
Drive-By Shooting
Trains and Railroads III
Green IV
Primary Colors II
Three Techniques II
All Things Being Equal: Three II
Wacky Photographic Definitions
Abstract Motion Blur
Vehicles II
Free Study 2014-02
Art of 2013
Humor IV
Foreground Bokeh III
Paper II
Garry Winogrand
Earliest Memory II
Rhythm IV
Weekend II
In The Spirit Of: docpjv
Blurry Mess II
Minimalist Landscape II
Off With Their Head! II
Free Study 2014-01
Best of 2013
Self Portrait With Your Childhood Self
Cold III
Light Bulbs
Masters' Free Study III
Painting with Light V
Album Cover
Blue IV
Environmental Portrait III
Indoor Macro Shot III
Street Photography VI
Transitions III
New Year's Resolution VI
Free Study 2013-12
Children's Toy V
Trees V
Stars II
Dead Flora
Holiday Decorations II
Mirrors III
Golden Ratio II
Holiday Cards II
Match II
Your Corner of the World IV
Where's Waldo? VI
Feast IV
Free Study 2013-11
Long Exposure VII
Landscape Layering
Color Portrait III
The Exact Same Spot
Glass III
The Number 11
Droste Effect
Fall Foliage 2013
Natural Body of Water II
Negative Space VI
Candy III
S-Curve III
Lou Reed Tribute
Phobia II
Free Study 2013-10
Rubber Band
A Bug's Life: Insects, Bugs, Beetle III
Vegetable Faces
Doors, Gates, Knobs, Locks, Handles, and Windows
Classic Novels
Textures And Materials
The End or The Beginning
Pink IV
The Beginning of the End II
Free Study 2013-09
The Smile II
DQ Deja Vu
Barns, Farms or Rural Countrysides
Words II
Postage Stamp
Clichés and Sayings III
Nine II
Shapes V
Floor Or Ceiling
Fool the Viewer II
Back To School III
Overexposed II
Free Study 2013-08
Rain III
The Amazing Minimal Editing Ruleset
Self Portrait VIII
Image Grain VI
Not My Style
Landscape in Portrait Orientation II
Warm Colors III
Bokeh VIII
We Have A Story To Tell
Flora At Night
In the Beginning... II
Free Study 2013-07
Black on Black III
Everyday Objects II
In The Spirit Of: Bear_Music
Red IV
Point of View Diptych
Fine Arts: Exhibit III
Light and Shadow
New Happiness
You Name It!
Water Drop
Fireworks VI
Summertime Meals II
Recipe (Food or Beverage)
Free Study 2013-06
Still Life With Motion II
Hidden Gem III
In The Style Of: cutout
Tilted IV
Video Games
Lucky 7 IV
Fire and Ice
Night Sky II
Real Estate
Animals In Motion II
Missed Focus III
Shoot From Behind Your Subject
Free Study 2013-05
Desolation III
Fill the Frame IV
Memorial Day Weekend
A Fork in the Road
Green III
Photograph Becomes a Painting
Street Photography In Black and White
Cardboard Box II
Cinco de Mayo
Automotive Detail
Perspective VII
The Four Elements III
Free Study 2013-04
Image Grain V
Internet Meme
Autumn II
Spring II
Black and White Landscape II
Architectural Detail - Triptych
Emotion II
Outdoor Macro Shot II
Refraction of Light II
Leading Lines VI
The Elton John Effect
Nude VI
Duotones V
Free Study 2013-03
Easter Eggs
Sugar II
Things In A Row
Shez Tribute
Make Believe Sports
Lucky 13 II
Falling Apart
Human Portrait (Minimal)
Human Portrait
Beauty In The Everyday II
Smoke III
B Is For _______
Light On White VI
Art of 2012
Free Study 2013-02
Accidental Letters III
Motion Blur VI
Artificial Symmetry
Self Portrait In A Crowd
Valentine's Photo II
In The Style Of: jagar
Dairy II
Technology Underwraps
Wind III
Simple Pleasures II
Free Study 2013-01
Best of 2012
The Letter H
Searching II
From On High
Road Signs V
Photo Within A Photo
My Left Foot
Burst of Color IV
The Arts
Faceless II
New Year's Resolution V
Celebration III
30 Seconds or More II
Writing Implements
Free Study 2012-12
Children's Toy IV
Deep in the Heart of December
Silhouette At Night II
Effects of Water
Textures VII
Elvis Presley Song/Lyrics
12 Days Of Christmas II
Your Final Entry (December 21, 2012)
Holiday Cards
Over the Top
Periodic Table II
Proportion II
Oops! III
Free Study 2012-11
Numbers II
Umbrella II
Feast III
Silence III
You're Doing It Wrong
High Contrast V
Triangle III
Deja Vu IV
Halloween IV
Comfort Food
Free Study 2012-10
Shadows VII
Convenience/Grocery Store
Silence fix
Distracting Elements
Reflections Without Mirrors VI
Secret Self Portrait
Quotes From The Princess Bride
Trees IV
Pet Rock
Clichés and Sayings II
Beatles Song/Lyrics II
Negative Space V
Candid Portraits
Free Study 2012-09
Candlelight II
Metal on Metal II
Norman Rockwell
Zodiac II
Banana II
Off-Centered Subject IV
One Glaring Thing Wrong!
Backlighting V
Long Exposure Without Landscapes
My Buddy and Me
Yes or No?
The Moon II
Free Study 2012-08
Stranger In A Strange Land II
Train Tracks
Street Photography V
Nursery Rhymes
Natural Light Indoor Portrait
Unusual Uses For Everyday Objects
Architecture In Blue
The Smile
Baby Animals II
On the Beach II
High-Key Blur
Free Study 2012-07
Vintage II
Self Portrait Without People III
Silhouettes V
Homage To The Bottom 1000
Mystery Word Triptych
Technology III
Camera Phone Free Study II
Independence II
Glass IV
The Feel Good
Abstract Motion via Camera
Abstract Motion via Subject
Zen Photography IV
Free Study 2012-06
Structures At Night
Abstract Nature